Potato (Feat. Singto) – Oop-pa-sak Gor Hai Ruk Bang Gert [Obstacles Allowed Our Love to Develop]

Artist: Potato (Feat. Singto Numchok)
Title: Oop-pa-sak Gor Hai Ruk Bang Gert
English Title: Obstacles Allowed Our Love to Develop
Album: Human
Year: 2011

Mai wah cheewit tur bpen chen rai
No matter what life has in store for you
Tur ja mee chun kao jai tur samur
You’ll have me to always understand you

*Bon ta-non hon tahng tee saen glai
Upon a road that stretches into the distance
Yah pai wai wan, chun yoo dtrong nee mai glai
Don’t you fret, I’m right here close at hand
Mae tur lom plang-plaht arai yahng ngai,
Despite whatever downfall or mistake you make,
Dtae chun gor prom ja yom a-pai
I will be ready and willing to forgive

**Oop-pa-sak gor hai ruk bang gert
Obstacles allowed our love to develop
Jong man jai tert
You should be confident
Chun eng ja mai pai nai
I won’t be going anywhere
Sing dtahng dtahng hai man laaw pai tert
Let bygones be bygones
Hai ruk bang gert taam-glahng reuang rao tee woon wai
Let love flourish in the midst of all the chaos

Yah pai fang sieng kon eek roi pan
Don’t listen to the countless notions from other people anymore
Tur kae fang chun tee fang tur samur
Listen to only me who always listens to you

Repeat * / **

Took duay gan gaao paan pan-hah tee mahk maai
Together we’ll face and overcome all the many adversities
Proong nee ja dee ja rai,
Whether tomorrow turns out good or bad,
Kor kae pieng rao kao jai
I only ask that we’re both understanding

Repeat ** twice

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