Panadda – Pit Reuang Diow [My Only Mistake]

Artist: Panadda Reungwut
Title: Pit Reuang Diow
English Title: My Only Mistake
Album: Poo Ying See Tao Kwarm Ngao Gap Kwarm Ruk
Year: 2011

Chun ruk tur dai dee mai noi gwah krai
I can love you just as well and no less than anyone else
Chun sai jai huang yai tur dai mai bpen rong
My attention and concern for you isn’t inferior
Kwarm ruk kwarm wang dee tee mee mai bpen tee song
My love and good intentions for you isn’t secondary
Dtae mai aht riak rong jap jong bpen jao kong tur
But I can’t demand or stake ownership over you

*Pror tur mee krai kon nan
Because you have that other person
Pror wah chun gor hen dtam dtah
Because I witnessed it with my own eyes
Pror chun eng tee mah chah,
Because I was the one who showed up late,
Gor loey dai kae tum jai
Therefore, I can only brace myself
Kae mong dtah gan, gor roo
Just from looking into your eyes, I know
Wah man bpen pai mai dai
That we don’t stand a chance
Tang tee hua jai rao dtahng gor dtong gaan
Our hearts may be different, but I still want you

**Kae mah tee lang tao nan
I simply came after her
Tee man bpen kwarm pit
That was my mistake
Pror mae dtae tang cheewit lae lom haai-jai
Because even my life and the air I breathe
Chun hai tur dai took yahng
I can give you anything
Kae mah tee lang tao nan
I simply came after her
Tee tum hai chun dtong yom dern leek tahng
That’s why I have to yield and give way
Tang tee roo samur
Even though you always knew
Wah chun ruk tur mai pae krai krai
That my love for you doesn’t fall short of anyone else’s

Chun roo dee wah tur gor kong mee jai
I’m quite sure that you share my sentiment
Mai mee-het-pon dai tee rao mai koo-kuan gan
There’s no reason that we’re ill-suited for one another
Rao kooey gan dai took reuang nok jark pieng reuang nan;
We can talk to each other about anything with the exception of one thing;
Reuang kong tur gap chun, tee mai mee wan dai bpen jing
Our relationship, which will never come true

Repeat * / **

Kae mah tee lang,
I only showed up after her,
Dtae yang ja ruk tur dta-lot pai
But I will still love you forever

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