Boy Peacemaker – Yang Mai Pon Keed An-dta-raai [Still Not Out of Harm’s Way]

Artist: Boy Peacemaker
Title: Yang Mai Pon Keed An-dta-raai
English Title: Still Not Out of Harm’s Way
Album: The Songs I Wrote
Year: 2011

Paab kwarm jum meua krang wan waan gap ruk tee tur ting wai
You threw away yesterday’s memories along with our love
Ja taam tummai wah chun bpen ngai
Why bother asking how I’m doing?
Yahk roo pai peua arai
What do you want to know for?

*Mai yahk poot teung hai ying cham
I don’t want to talk about it and heighten the pain
Ying jum ying took tum raai
The more I recall, the more it hurts
Jep cham bpang dtaai bpaan nee gor yang mai haai
It was a fatal blow that hasn’t healed as of yet

**Tur roo bahng mai dtong chai waylah tao rai gwah ja leum tur
Do you have any idea how much time it’ll take to forget you?
Yah dtok yam hai cham man leuk long pai gwah derm dai mai tur
Please don’t rub the pain in any deeper than before
Hak mai ruk, gor yah sam
If you don’t love me, don’t reiterate it
Proht yah tum bpen son jai
Please don’t feign interest
Gep kam taam kam nan ao wai
Put those inquiries away
Gon chun kon nee ja yoot haai jai
Before I stop breathing

Kor waylah ruk-sah yiow-yah baht plae tee bpen fan raai
Give me time to treat and tend to this wound that is a nightmare
Yah poot arai, yah taam arai
Don’t say anything, don’t ask me anything
Hai chun leum reuang tur pai
Let me forget about you

Repeat * / ** twice

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