Panadda – Chua Mong Nee Chun Kor [Let Me Ask For This Hour]

Artist: Panadda Reungwut
Title: Chua Mong Nee Chun Kor
English Title: Let Me Ask For This Hour
Album: Poo Ying See Tao Kwarm Ngao Gap Kwarm Ruk
Year: 2011

Pror waylah mee yoo chang noi dtem tee
Because time is extremely scarce
Tee chun mee tur chua krang chua krao
I only have you occasionally
Pror waylah tee ja mee kae piang rao
Because our private time together
Mai yeut mai yaao mai koey nern naan
Is short-lived and never lasts long

*Gon tee tur jark chun pai
Before you leave me
Glap pai non kahng krai eek kon kon nan
To return to lie down next to that other woman
Chun yahk kor
I’d like to ask

**Chua mong nee chun kor hai bpen kong chun
Let me ask for this hour to be mine
Chua mong nan koi hai kao pai
She can gradually have those other hours
Dtae dton nee kae mee chun dai mai
But can I be your one and only right now?
Yah kit reuang kao poot cheu krai
Don’t think about her or mention any names
Kor dai mai tur
May I ask this of you?

Kit wah mee gan yoo nai lohk piang rao
Think of it as we’re the only ones in the world
Kae piang rao dton nee dai mai
Can it just be us right now?
Ting kwarm jing reuang eun ao wai glai glai
Leave reality and other matters at a distance
Gaud chun naan naan hai jum fang jai
Hold me for a long time and leave a lasting impression

Repeat * / ** 3x

Kor dai mai tur
May I ask this of you?

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