Panadda – Tee Leua Gor Yoo Tee Tur [What’s Left Is Up to You]

Artist: Panadda Reungwut
Title: Tee Leua Gor Yoo Tee Tur
English Title: What’s Left Is Up to You
Album: Poo Ying See Tao Kwarm Ngao Gap Kwarm Ruk
Year: 2011

Tur koey ngao mai
Have you ever been lonely?
Kweng kwahng diow daai nai om gaud kon tee ruk
Floating alone while in the arms of a lover
Na wi-na-tee tee kao bauk tur wah ruk mahk
At the very second he tells you he loves you very much
Tur koey mai
Have you ever?

Dtae chun ngao
But I’m lonely
Tang tang tee kon kahng gaai keu kon tee ruk
Even though the person beside me is the man I love
Na wi-na-tee tee kao oie kam wah ruk mahk
At the very second he says that he loves me very much
Yahk rong hai
I want to cry

*Tur kong mai koey
You probably never have
Tur loey mai kao jai
Therefore you don’t understand
Laaw chun bpen krai
So who am I?
Tummai mah dtahng kam taam
Why am I asking these questions?

**Gor soot tee ruk kong tur nan
Well, that sweetheart of yours
Keu soot tee ruk kong chun eng
Is actually my sweetheart
Tee nee kao jai reu yang tee chun taam
Now do you understand what I’m asking?
Ao jai kong chun pai sai jai
Please consider my feelings
Chuay dtop dai mai sak kam
Could you give me some answers?
Ja tum yang ngai
What will you do?
Ja pai reu yoo dtrong nee
Will you leave or stay here?
Tee leua gor yoo tee tur
What’s left is up to you

Kae bauk hai tur roo
I’m just letting you know
Wah kao mee krai nai om gaud gon tur mah
That he’s had someone in his arms before you came along
Mai kit toht tur sak kam tee tum hai mee nam dtah
I’ve never thought to blame you for causing me tears
Dtae wah sia jai
But I am sorry

Repeat * / ** 2x

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