Cocktail (Feat. New Napatsorn) – Ngaan Dten Ram Nai Keun Prajan Dtem Duang

Artist: Cocktail (Feat. New Napatsorn)
Title: Ngaan Dten Ram Nai Keun Prajan Dtem Duang
English Title: A Dance Under a Full Moon’s Night
Album: Ten Thousand Tears
Album: 2011

Nai keun tee rao jong mong dtah sop gan, meuan chun nan roo seuk
On the night that the gaze in our eyes met, I felt as if
Suan leuk kahng nai hua jai kong chun man plian pai
A transformation took place in the depths of my heart
Mai bpen dang chen koey
Unlike anything I’ve ever experienced
Tur yeun yoo dtrong nan mai glai jahk chun tao rai
There you stood, not that far away from me
Dtae jai glap glai meuan rao mai koey glai gan
But contrarily my distant mind felt like we were never close

Glahng ngaan dten ram nai keun jan dtem duang, poo kon raai lom rao
In the middle of a dance under a full moon’s night, people surrounded us
Dtrap nan rah-tree gaan yang kong ngan ngiap ngao,
For as long as the night remained silently still,
Mai bpen dang chen koey
Unlike anything I’ve ever experienced
Chun yeun yoo dtrong nee,
I will stand firm here,
Mae mee poo kon raai lom nap pan
Even if there are thousands of people encircling us
Chang man pror chun mai kid mong krai eun loey
Don’t mind them because I’m not even thinking of looking at anyone else

*Nai keun saeng jan song ra-yip dtah
Tonight the moonlight sparkles in your eyes
Duang dara dang duang dtah nang fah jong mong,
The stars are like an angel’s gaze,
Bpen pa-yaan nai yaam rah-tree ban-leng kap kaan;
Witnessing this moment where the night is playing and singing a tune;
Pleng ruk peua rao
A love song for us
Chun kor meu tur, dten ram gap chun keun nee
I ask for your hand, please dance with me tonight
(Pror chun ruk tur moht jai kong chun tee mee)
(Because I love you with all of my heart)

Mae chuang cheewit kong chun tee mee ja bpen yahng rai gor dtaam,
No matter what happens during this lifespan,
Dtae chun ror peua pohp tur
I will wait in order to find you
Mae chuang waylah tee leua kong chun ja mee tao rai gor dtaam,
Regardless of the amount of time I have left,
Dtae chun ja yoo peua ruk, peua bauk wah ruk piang dtae tur
I will live in order to love you, in order to confess that you’re the only one I love

Repeat *

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2 Responses to Cocktail (Feat. New Napatsorn) – Ngaan Dten Ram Nai Keun Prajan Dtem Duang

  1. yaso says:

    Wow, this song is kinda epic! And the video is a bit trippy! But I like it! Thanks for subbing!

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