Da Endorphine – Reuang Kong Rao [A Matter Between Us]

Artist: Da Endorphine
Title: Reuang Kong Rao
English Title: A Matter Between Us
Album: Dok Mai Fai [Fireworks]
Year: 2011

Tur aht dai yin siang kong bahng kon bauk mah
You may have heard what some people are saying
Wah tur gap chun mai koo mai kuan
That you and I are ill-matched
Bahng kam lao nan chun roo man aht gor guan
I know some of their words may be disturbing
Lae aht ja tam hai tur lang-lay
And could possibly instill doubt in you

 *Yahk kor kor tur yah wan wai
Please, please don’t be shaken up
Reuang nee mee kae rao chai mai
Isn’t this is a matter involving only us?

 **Mai dtong taam dtong dtop krai
You don’t have to question or answer to anyone
Dtop kae jai tur gor por
Answering your own heart will suffice
Wah dtong gaan gan lae gan reu plao
Do we need each other or not?
Mai dtong roo kam dtop krai
You don’t have to know anyone else’s answer
Dtop kae jai kong tur por
The answer in your heart will suffice
Hahk wah jai rao ruk gan,
If we love each other,
Gor kae tam man hai bpen reuang kong rao
Then let’s make this a matter between us

Krai mong mai dee kid raai gan pai yahng rai
For those who judge or have negative thoughts of us
Gor ploi hai kao kid dtaam sa-baai
Let them think whatever they want
Jam bpen kae nai dtong hai took kon took jai
How essential is it to please everyone
Tah hahk wah rao kao jai gan dee
If we’re on the same page with each other?

Repeat *, ** 2x

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One Response to Da Endorphine – Reuang Kong Rao [A Matter Between Us]

  1. lim willy says:

    it is a wonderful song sung by a wonderful singer, although i am not a Thai, i love her songs

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