Golf – I Can’t Breathe (Feat. Yod Bodyslam)

Artist: Golf Pichaya (Feat. Yod Bodyslam)
Title: I Can’t Breathe
Year: 2011

Koey mee gan lae gan, mee wan tee dee gan mah
We had each other, had the best days together
Koey mee tur mong dtah waylah tee dtong gaan krai
Could look into your eyes whenever I needed someone
Neuay kae nai, gor roo-seuk dee
Despite the strain, I still felt happy
Koey mee gam-lahng jai nai wan tee mai mee krai
Had confidence even when I had no one
Ja dtong jur arai, mee tur gor mai koey glua
No matter what I had to face, I had you so I was never scared
Dtor hai meut sa-lua, gor dern pai duay gan
Even in total darkness, we’d get through it together
Dtae tur gor jahk chun
But then you left me

*Man mai kao jai wah tammai dtong lohng-euy baep nee
I don’t understand why things had to end up like this
Tam jai mai tan tee mah jahk chun pai nai wan nee
Couldn’t react in time when you parted with me today
Man tau-ra-man tee mai mee poo dai hai bauk ruk meuan nai wan waan
It’s killing me that there’s no one to say I love you to like yesterday
Meua mai mee tur laaw, dtae-la-wan man ngao gern pai
Now that I’m without you, each day is far too lonely
Meua mai mee tur, man meuan ja dtai
Without you, it feels like I’m going to die
Chun dtong gaan tur, dai yin mai
I need you, do you hear me?
Tur yoo tee nai, yah ting chun pai
Where are you? Don’t abandon me
Chuay glap mah bpen kon tee ruk chun mai
Please come back and be the girl to love me again
Ja yoo yahng ngai tah wan nee chun mai mee tur
How will I survive today if I’m without you?

**Man jep leua gern
It hurts like hell
Man puat leua gern
It aches so much
Glap mah dai mai tur
Won’t you come back?
I can’t breathe, I can’t breathe, yeah

Pa-yah-yahm ja leum, tam jai hai leum tur pai
I’ve tried to forget, make myself forget you
Dtae chun gor yang mee tur, fang nai kwarm song jam
But you’re still there, embedded in my memory
Mai wah tam yahng ngai, gor mai koey leum
No matter what I do, I can’t ever forget you
Tammai dtong jahk chun
Why did you leave me?

Repeat * / **

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2 Responses to Golf – I Can’t Breathe (Feat. Yod Bodyslam)

  1. guava says:

    i’m so in love with the song right now 😀

  2. princekyuhaesica says:

    omg.. me too… im so in love with this song … arrrghhh.. can’t get over it .. LOL… thanksss for the lyrics …

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