Boy Peacemaker – Piang Nai Jai [Only Within My Heart]

Artist: Boy Peacemaker (Anuwat Sanguansakphakdee)
Title: Piang Nai Jai
English Title: Only Within My Heart
Album: Plerng Toranong OST
Year: 2011

Chun roo dee sa-mur wah kon tee koo kuan tur
I’ve always been aware that the person suitable for you
Ja dtong dee lert ler lae kong mai chai chun
Has to be someone exceptional and unlikely to be me
Rao mai kuan pohp jur gan
We shouldn’t have met each other
Man mai mee hohn tahng dai tee ja mah tam laai kwarm dtahng gan
There’s no way whatsoever to destroy our differences

*Yahk bauk wah ruk hai tur dai yin piang sak krang
I want to say I love you and have you hear it just once
Dtae glap dtong feun hai siang nan dang nai jai
But instead I’m forced to yell inside my heart
Yahk bauk hai roo wah ruk tur tang hua jai
I want to let you know that I love you with all my heart
Dtae dtong gep wai yahng nee dta-lot mah
But I’ve had to hold it in like this all along

**Soot taai dtong ruk tur kahng diow yoo reuay pai
I always end up having to love you one-sidedly
Hai tam yahng ngai, gor mai mee tahng bauk tur loey
What can I do? It’s impossible to tell you
Tam dai piang yahng tee koey bauk ruk kae piang nai jai
I can only do what I’ve been doing and express love to only within my heart
Mae kwarm jing dtong cham sak piang nai, chun yom
No matter how painful the truth is, I’ll agree to it

Mae ruk tur kae nai, ja glaeng tam bpen mai mee jai
Although I love you so much, I pretend to be indifferent
Mae hai tur roo dtua wah ruk tur
Won’t let you catch on that I love you

Repeat * / ** 2x

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3 Responses to Boy Peacemaker – Piang Nai Jai [Only Within My Heart]

  1. allan jay quiapo says:

    I really like this song…
    so nice…!!!and also the movie of this song…

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