Palmy – Kid Mahk [Overthink]

Artist: Palmy
Title: Kid Mahk
English Title: Overthink
Album: Palmy 5
Year: 2011


Bauk gap chun dai mai wah man bpen kwarm jing reu wah chun kid mahk
Can you tell me that it’s the truth, or am I overthinking it?
Jai chun rerm ja wan wai gap kam taam tee yang mai dai kam dtop
I’m starting to get anxious over all the unanswered questions
Bauk kwarm nai jai gap chun yahk ja roo wah jai tur kid chen rai
Tell me what’s in your heart, I want to know what you’re thinking
Reu wah tur kid ja glaeng gan
Could it be you’re mocking me?
Tur yahk hen nam dtah kong chun chai mai
Do you want to see my tears?

*Yahk ja bauk hai tur roo wah jai chun nan man gang-wohn kae nai
I just want to let you know how nervous I’m feeling
Gon ja poot arai auk mah yahk ja kor hai tur sanyah
Before you say anything explicitly, I want you to please promise
Wah tur ja mai tam hai chun dtong sia jai
That you’re not going to let me down

**Gor kwarm ruk kong rao yang dee yoo chai mai
Our love is still okay, right?
Nai kwarm fan rao yang mee gan chai mai
We’re still in each other’s dreams, right?
Jai tur nan man yang mai dai plian pai
Your heart still hasn’t changed
Lae kwarm ruk kong rao yang kong meuan derm
And our love is still the same as before
Yahk ja kor hai tur dai poot chen nee
I want you to be able to say these things
Bauk gap chun wah jai tur kid chen nee
Tell me this is how you feel inside
Bauk gap chun hai chun man jai sak tee
Tell me so that I can feel reassured
Wah kwarm ruk kong rao yang kong meuan derm chai reu plao
That our love is still the same as before, is it not?

Tammai tur chahng jai raai
How could you be so cruel?
Tur roo mai wah chun bpen kon kid mahk
Don’t you know that I’m one who overthinks things?
Tam hai jai chun woon wai
You make me feel so flustered
Bpen baep nee laaw krai ja rap pit chop
Who’s going to take responsibility for this?

Repeat * / **

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