Tonn Sofa – P’Chai [Big Brother]

Artist: Tonn Sofa (โตน โซฟา)
Title: P’Chai (พี่ชาย)
English Title: Big Brother
Year: 2011

Mai bauk gor roo wah dtong mee arai
I know something’s wrong even if you don’t tell me
Kae dai yin siang gor roo nai tan tee
The sound of your voice lets me know immediately
Kop kuhn tee ter yang kid teung gan wan nee
I appreciate that you still thought of me today
Gor roo wah mai koi mee waylah
I realize you don’t have much free time

Naan tao rai laaw tee song rao jer gan
How long has it been since we’ve seen each other?
กี่หมื่นกี่พัน นับร้อยวันเวลา
Gee meun gee pan nap roi wan waylah
It’s been forever and a decade
Meua mong glap pai nai wan nee chan mee kah
When I look back on today, I’ll feel like I mattered
Gor roo wah ter kid mai dtahng gan
I know you also share the same sentiment as me

* ความรักของฉัน อาจจะเป็นเหมือน
* Kwarm rak kong chan aht ja bpen meuan
* My love may be like
P’Chai kon neung tee yang huang yoo glai glai
A big brother who still worries about you from afar
Nai wan tee ter mee kwarm sook aht leum gan mai bpen rai
In times of happiness, you may forget about me and that’s alright
Dtae hahk ter rong hai meua rai
But if you’re ever crying
Hai glap mah

You can come back to meเรื่องวันพรุ่งนี้ไม่รู้จะยังไง
Reuang wan proong-nee mai roo ja yahng ngai
I don’t know what’s going to happen tomorrow
Dtae yahk hai roo wan nee rao mee gan
But I want you to know that as it stands today, we have each other
Aht mong mai hen ter nan mai dtong wan
I may be out of sight, but you mustn’t fear
Rao nan ja mee gan dta-lot pai
You’ll have me in your life forever

Repeat * 3x

Hahk ter nan dtong sia jai
If you’re feeling blue
Hahk ter nan mai me krai
If you have no one else
Hai glap mah
You can come back to me

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