Klear – Ot Ton Gap Kwarm Ngao [Endure the Loneliness]

Artist: Klear
Title: Ot Ton Gap Kwarm Ngao
English Title: Endure the Loneliness
Year: 2011


Ter mee kwarm fan tee ter dtong gaan
You have dreams that you need to pursue
Chan gor mee tahng tee chan dtong dern
Likewise, I also have a path that I must take
Bpen gaan ram lah tee rao dtong dtriam jai pa-chern
It’s a farewell we must be prepared to face
Mae rak gan kae nai
Despite how much we love each other
Ja ton dai mai meua rao dtong glai
Will we be able to endure the distance?
Ter ja jer krai glai ter reu plao
Will you find someone who’s near to you?
Ying kid gor ying wan wai
The more I think about it, the more anxious I get

* ช่วยฉันสัญญาได้ไหม
* Chuay chan sanyah dai mai
* Can you make me a promise?
เมื่อถึงวันต้องไกล อยากขอเธอ
Meua teung wan dtong glai yahk kor ter
During our time apart, I beg of you

** อดทนได้ไหม ช่วยกันได้ไหมเธอ
** Ot ton dai mai chuay gan dai mai ter
** Please endure it, please help me out
Ot ton gap kwarm ngao tee rao dtong jer
Endure the loneliness that we’ll have to face
Tah meua rai rerm neuay reu wah jai rerm hahng
If whenever you start to feel weary or your heart starts to grow distant,
อย่าลืมว่าฉันยังรักและรอเธอ อยู่ตรงนี้
Yah leum wah chan yang rak lae ror ter yoo dtrong nee
Don’t forget that I still love you and am waiting for you here

Fahk ter doo lae dtua eng hai dee
Please take good care of yourself
ฉันก็จะทำให้เธอทุกวันChan gor ja tam hai ter took wan
I will also do the same for you every day
Ja gert reuang raao arai tah rao yang mee gan
What could happen if we still have each other?
Chan nan ja mai wan wai
I’m not going to waver
Tah naan bpen deuan reu naan laai bpee
If it turns out to be months or even a number of years
Rao ja ror gan reuay pai chai mai
We’ll continue to wait for each other, right?
Dtae mae yahk yen kae nai
Despite how tough it gets

Repeat * / **

*** อยู่ตรงที่เดิมเพื่อเธอนั้น
*** Yoo dtrong tee derm peua ter nan
*** I’ll stay in the same place for you
Yam gan kao wai ter
Be patient with me
Ot ton gap kwarm ngao tee rao dtong jer
Endure the loneliness that we’ll have to face
Proht yah pai pler jai
Please don’t let your guard down
Yah pai long kop krai
Don’t test the waters with anyone else
อดทนรอได้ไหม จนถึงวันนั้นที่เป็นวันของเรา
Ot ton ror dai mai jon teung wan nan tee bpen wan kong rao
Please wait patiently until we reach that moment of ours

Repeat ** / ***

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2 Responses to Klear – Ot Ton Gap Kwarm Ngao [Endure the Loneliness]

  1. Paks says:

    Hi, I was wondering if I can get this song? Both links are for the the music video only. Thank you in advance!

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