Pod Modern Dog – Joht Mai Jahk Kwarm Ngao [A Letter from Loneliness]

Artist: Pod Thonchai
Title: Joht Mai Jahk Kwarm Ngao
English Title: A Letter from Loneliness
Year: 2011


Chan keu kwarm ngao tee gert jahk wan tee kao ting ter pai
I am Loneliness, born on the day that he left you
Ter glaai bpen kon tee mai mee krai dtong took jai
You turned into someone who has no one, you must feel miserable
Meuan cheewit man kaht haai
Like it’s the end of your life
Chan keu kwarm ngao tee dai waylah mah tak taai
I am Loneliness, who took the time to greet you
Jon aht ja tam ter rong hai
I might even make you cry
Ter nan ja gliat chan sak tao rai
You must hate me so much

* แต่ความจริงอยากบอกเธอให้ได้รู้
* Dtae kwarm jing yahk bauk ter hai dai roo
* But to be honest, I want to let you know
Wah kwarm ngao mai dai yoo dta-lot pai
That Loneliness won’t stick around forever

** หากมองโลกนี้ในแง่ดีสักครั้ง
** Hahk mong lohk nee nai ngae dee sak krang
** If you were to look at the world optimistically for once,
Ter ja roo wah dtor hai ngao mahk maai sak tao rai
You’d realize that despite how lonely you feel
Gor mai tam raai krai hai dtong teung dtaai
I wouldn’t hurt anyone to the point of death
Sabai jai dai samer
Happiness is always inevitable
Ot ton ao wai nai waylah tee ngao
Persevere through this lonely time
Glap mah mong dtua rao lae cheewit jing tee dtong jer
Reflect on yourself instead, and the real life that you must face
Pror ter aht plian jahk kwarm ngao bpen peun gao tee saen dee
Because then perhaps I may turn into a wonderful old friend

Mae nai wan nee ter aht ja yang sia jai
Although you may still feel heartbroken today,
Tah bauk dtua eng wah mai bpen rai
If you tell yourself that you’re fine
Nam dtah ja lai gor chahng man
But tears fall anyway, just let them

Repeat * / ** 2x

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2 Responses to Pod Modern Dog – Joht Mai Jahk Kwarm Ngao [A Letter from Loneliness]

  1. yaso says:

    Oh my goodness! I love this song and the video! Both are brilliant! A song from loneliness’ perspective and the video going from lonely night to a new dawning morning…gosh loneliness did just become an old friend! Thanks so much for sharing and subbing this particular song! I love this artist and now I love this song! Thanks, thanks, and thanks!

    • AnothaiDara says:

      You’re welcome! You’re welcome! Lol. Yes, I love this song and the video is simple, yet fantastic! Sometimes it feels like you’re walking around in an empty city when you’re feeling lonely.


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