Hugo – Sai Lom [The Wind]

Artist: Hugo
Title: Sai Lom
English Title: The Wind
Album: Old Tyme Religion
Year: 2011


Meuan ma-laeng bin lai loht fai
Like a moth flying towards a light bulb
Rong yang ngai gor kao mai teung
My cries are unable to reach you
Gert bpen kon nok yahk bpen kon nai
Was born as an outsider, I want to be an insider
Took gaao tee dern ying glai ying hahng
Every step I take takes me farther and farther

* สายลมพาเดินทาง
* Sai lom pah dern tahng
* The wind leads me on a journey
Dtae hua jai chan yoo tee derm
But my heart remains in the same place
Jai man rong waylah man nern naan
My heart has been crying out for so long
Meua rai sai lom ja plian tahng
When will the wind change its course?

Koey kid bahng mai wah chan mai dtem
Ever had the notion that I’m incomplete?
Dtae roi per-sen keu chan rak ter
But 100% of me loves you
Por yoo hahng glai ja mong mai hen
Once I’m far away, you’ll be out of sight
Ja naao ja yen gap kwarm ngiap ngao
I’ll be frozen and cold with loneliness

Repeat * 3x

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