Tony Phee (Feat. Q flure) – Kon Tee Saen Dee [Such a Wonderful Person]

 Artist: Tony Phee (Feat. Q flure)
Title: Kon Tee Saen Dee
English Title: Such a Wonderful Person
Album: Glua
Year: 2011


Chan meun kon lohng tahng hah mai jer gap kwarm rak
I’m like a lost man, in search of a love that can’t be found
Chan mai koey dai roo jak loey
I never got to experience it
Chan dai dtae nang mong mer doo kon eun choey choey
All I’ve done is absent-mindedly observe others with indifference
ฉันไม่เคยไม่เคยเลย ไม่เคย
Chan mai koey mai koey loey mai koey
I’ve never, no not ever, never

แล้ววันหนึ่งเธอก็เข้ามา เข้ามาในชีวิต
Laaw wan neung ter gor kao mah kao mah nai cheewit
Then one day you came into, came into my life
Chan mai koey roo sak nit wah ter na chai loey
I had no idea whatsoever that you’d be the one
Chan peung kao jai took took yahng took kwarm maai
I finally understand every thing, the meaning of every thing
Wah rak kong ter nan chahng mahk maai lae neua krai
That the love you possess is greater and superior to others

* (ทุกสิ่งยอมให้เธอ) ไม่ว่าจะอยู่แสนไกล
* (Took sing yom hai ter) Mai wah ja yoo saen glai
* (I surrender everything to you) Even if you’re so far away
(ทุกสิ่งยอมให้เธอ) แม้ฉันจะรับได้หรือไม่
(Took sing yom hai ter) Mae chan ja rap dai reu mai
(I surrender everything to you) Whether or not it’s attainable
(ทุกสิ่งยอมให้เธอ) เพียงเธอแค่คนนี้
(Took sing yom hai ter) Piang ter kae kon nee
(I surrender everything to you) To you and only you
เพราะเธอแสนดี ช่างแสนดี คนที่แสนดี
Pror ter saen dee chahng saen dee kon tee saen dee
Because you’re so wonderful, extremely wonderful, such a wonderful person

** จากเลวร้าย เธอทำให้มีความหมายให้ฉันได้รู้ว่า
** Jahk leo raai ter tam hai mee kwarm maai hai chan dai roo wah
** From an evil curse, you brought meaning, made me realize that
Wah cheewit kong chan nee ja kor mee ter kon dee dta-lot pai
That I hope you, baby, will be a part of my life forever
จากเลวร้าย ชีวิตฉันมีความหมายและฉันได้รู้ค่า
Jahk leo raai cheewit chan mee kwarm maai lae chan dai roo kah
From an evil curse, my life became meaningful and now I realize its worth
Peua neung nai jai duang nee
For the one who’s in my heart,
Ja yoot long dtrong tee kon nee dat-lot pai
My search will stop and end with you forever
Dta-lot pai

Repeat * / **

ฉันรักเธอ ตลอดไป
Chan rak ter dta-lot pai
I’ll love you forever

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2 Responses to Tony Phee (Feat. Q flure) – Kon Tee Saen Dee [Such a Wonderful Person]

  1. suy_dragneel says:

    hei!! 🙂 🙂 I’m Indonesian. so many people here are fans of thai movie. there’s a lot interesting thai movie. but, It’s so hard to finding the subs. can you make them, please. . . .
    like 4romance, the dog, bangkok kung fu.
    please. . .

  2. yaso says:

    Love the song! Thanks for sharing and subbing! It’s hilarious though that having a girl means she’ll cook and clean for you! 😛 Thanks again for sharing the best songs!

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