Mini update

25 hours – Tieng Keun Sip Hah Nahtee [12:15 am]

As you all can see, all download links have been removed. Since no one really knows what’s going to happen to the file sharing sites in the future, I don’t want to waste my time (re)uploading the files anywhere. Please do not ask for them. However, with that being said, I will try to reupload as many music videos to my new YT channel as I can before it gets suspended again. I highly doubt that I’ll create another account with YT after this one. So basically, if you’re interested in downloading any MVs, do it while they’re up. (You could just google how to dl videos from YT.) As for lakorns, I’ll most likely upload them to my joint account with Chobling. But please don’t get too excited because I have no idea when I’ll be able to do this.

As always, thank you for your never-ending support and patience. I know my updates have grown more and more seldom and unfortunately I can’t promise that things are going to change any time soon. My passion for this hobby has been waning and I’m not sure how much fire is left. I will definitely keep you guys posted if there is going to be any significant changes.

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6 Responses to Mini update

  1. fun says:

    It feels like the world is really going to end. I miss megaupload. I do feel guilty for downloading but when I do have the money, I do my share of supporting. Imagine the world without the world wide web? Well good luck Anothai. I am trying to download as much as I can too.

  2. X says:

    was really happy to see all th video up again with eng sub!!:D

  3. Sean Chan says:

    Su Su na! Do whatever makes you happy or it will not be worth it anymore ^_^ Was hoping you would be able to sub Belle’s new MV but I guess that may not happen now… Mai Pen Rai ^^

  4. Jellyfish888 says:

    Thank You for reuploading the videos with english sub. Hopefully, you will soon update the lakorns especially Learm Prai Lai Rak. Thanks and continue waiting

  5. Arloo says:

    Thanks for all the hard work 🙂

  6. Peter Ong says:

    Thanks you for all your hard works na.

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