Fai Chon Saeng
Fai Chon Saeng

Ruk Ter Took Wun

Song Rao…Nirundon

Roy Leh Sanae Rai

14 Responses to .Lakorns.

  1. Nally says:

    hello could you please try to find Yok Lei Ma or something like that.Well. Rome and Janie plays it just to let you know.Well thank you.

  2. Sara says:

    I love both lakorn.
    Aom and Ken are sooo cute^^

  3. Sophialuvedrama says:

    hello Anothai can u try to ulp this lakorn Mafia Tee Ruk, in nalika channel i c only non-sub, but i cant understand Thai so can u sub this lakorn for us

  4. Sophia says:

    Pee Chai this lakorn r so good but idk wat they were saying if u have the time can plzz sub this 4 all of that non-thai speaker plzzz
    thank a billions x

  5. nini says:

    hey can you plz try to sub this thnxs :]
    p.s.-love you bunch :]

  6. sung yuri says:

    hi could you sub “satree..” starring noon w. and oil…I really love them!! i’m dying to watch that lakorn…T_T

  7. yourfan says:

    thx soo much for your work. am really greatfull. i am a fan of Asia drama and i luv watching lakorns drama bt my trouble overall is tht i don’t understand wht they are saying but with people like you, people like me could be able to enjoy a good and funny ( also sad sumtime ) asians dramas. thxxxx so much for taking ur free time for doing this. i would soon join the asian english subber all over the world after taking lesson on japanese,korea ( maybe chinese and Thai ) thx and keep up the good work. i may in the future come ask u how things run. i also saw that RSLR drama is almost finish and hpe u next projects is jst as good as the last ones. am i fan or Tik and Aom.

  8. Shuana Vue says:

    I subscribed to your youtube channel a while back because you were subbing some movies with the pair (Aom and Tik) in them and I thought I’d enjoy watching those two together again, anyway I have a request for you and it’s a movie that has nothing to do with Aom or Tik, but if you wouldn’t mind could you please english sub this movie “Kasanaka/Gasanaka” or if you know anyone who would please let me know 😀 Thank you. Love your work!!

  9. YeuCandy says:

    Can you please upload download link for “Prissana” with Eng Subs. I really love this lakorn and I want to have a copy of it. I can pay you for it. PLEASE!!!

    I try to ask AnoD_Chobling but can’t get any reply. PLEASE HELP!!!

  10. im really happy looking you twice at hotel luxury and so sad for aom piyada is pregnant.poor girls,ok i hope you attention.please!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  11. yunie says:

    Hi! Thanks A LOT for uploading a lot of aom and tik lakorns. I’d like to request for u to sub “Soda and Ice Tea”, Tik’s series. i hope u’d be able to get around it when u’re free. Thx! =)

  12. puce says:

    Thank you so much for the episodes.
    Do you know if someone will pay the lakorn HUA JAI SILA with Bie Sukrit. I love this lakorn, but can not download the episodes in Eng.
    In any case thank you for your work that I find beautiful and uncommon even in the lakorn in Eng.
    Sorry for my very bad English.

  13. Sweet says:

    Can you sub Prajun Lai Payak?
    Your very good with subbing!
    Thank You ka!

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