BANKK CA$H releases teaser for first solo track Love Me

Not to be confused with BANK Clash. Wait, this is the Bank, former lead singer of the disbanded Clash. He just goes by a new name as a solo artist now.

Anyway, on to the song. I’ve not heard the whole track, and the teaser doesn’t give away much. I guess that’s how they work your anticipation. Bank has always had that soulful voice and R&B style to his singing and I’ve really enjoyed what Clash has done as a band over the years. I’m always looking forward to what these guys have in stored for us.

Love Me is written by Bank and here’s what he had to say about it:

I just wanted to have a song that spoke of sexiness. This song speaks of passion between a man and a woman. There are tons of love songs that everybody writes, but I wanted to release something different. People who love each other spend time together, and therefore good feelings arise between one another. Love me, touch me, kiss me is the fruition of that. It’s got BANKK CA$H’s R&B style.

Via duckbarteam YT

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