Bao We – Maeng Mao Ngao Jai [Lonely Moth]

Artist: Bao We
Title: Maeng Mao Ngao Jai
English Title: Lonely Moth
Album: Bao We Vol. 3
Year: 2008

Neuk teung reung rao gao gao
Thinking of the old tale
Reung maeng mao bin kao gong fai,
About the moth flying into the bonfire,
Yahng taam tua eng mun kit yahng ngai
I ask myself, what was it thinking?
Gaw roo tung roo fai ja pao
It knows all too well that fire will burn
Tae wun nee dai roo seung teung nai jai
But now deep down in my heart, I know
Kwarm jing tee tae mun kong ngao
The real truth was that it was probably lonely
Kae lom pat bao bao,
Just the wind blowing gently,
Nep nao jai mun salaai
The coldness shattered its heart

Kran hen saeng fai sawang,
When it saw the bright light from the fire,
Gaw kae wung piang chuay bantao
It was only hoping to alleviate
Peek laa rabom jai gaw seum sao
Its bruised and exhausted wings made his heart dreadful
Oon ai kong tum hai mun haai
Perhaps the warm vapors would make it disappear
Tae paw hen saeng waow wap pun sawaang
But as soon as it saw the plethora of glittering lights
Kwarm ngao gaw haai pai gub fai
Loneliness disappeared along with the flames
Paet pao jon tai, mai koey sia dai winyaan
It burned to death, never regretting its soul

*Tur urie tur gaw meun fai
You, dear, you’re the same as fire
P’ pen piang maeng mai ngao jai
While I am just the lonely moth
Ja tai gaw dai ruk tur kae tao nun
It’s alright if I’m going to die, I only wanted to love you

**Gaw roo tung roo wah fai mun ron,
Fully aware that fire is hot,
Tae yahng ja yom long len gub fai
But still wanted to try and play with it
Bin kao pai,
Flying into it,
Kit piang peek tee tit fai nun mun suay ngam
Only thinking of the beauty of its wings caught on fire
Mai koey glayng glua kwarm ron kong fai
Never been afraid of the heat of fire
Kae piang yahk tum yahng jai tong gaan
Only wanted to do as its heart desired
Kwarm wung tee raw mah naan
What he’d anticipated for so long
Keu gaan bin kao gong fai
Was to fly into the bonfire

Neuk teung reung rao gao gao
Thinking of the old tale
Reung maeng mao bin kao jai tur
About the flying moth made me understand you
Piang siew naatee tee long lamur
Just for a split second, I was infatuated in delusions
Took tur pao plan pai gub fai
You burned me with your fire
Tae yahng noy gaw roo teung kwarm op oon
But at least I got to experience warmth
Gon jai kong P’ ja saalai
Before my heart was shattered
Maeng mao diow dai gon tai gaw yahng dai long
Just as the lonely moth was able to do before it died

Repeat *, **, **

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4 Responses to Bao We – Maeng Mao Ngao Jai [Lonely Moth]

  1. ben says:

    hello, thks for the link u send to me.
    I also had two of Bao We MTV, thks for your Eng subs ,make me know this Singer name,& the meaning of the song till is this also luktung?cause it sound like standard Thai to me & sometime No?! U see i like to learn Thai by listen to Thai song.
    Thk for your Good work. bye T/K

  2. Nabil says:

    Dear: Anothaidara
    You are the best forever , because what you made about the translate
    Now, Am living in Thailand,and I wanna meet you dear Anothaidara.
    Really you made a good work.
    in the past (since 2 years ago) when I came here to Thailand, I have heard a one fantastic song (( Bao Wee- Maeng Mao Ngao Jai )), but i didn’t understand it, because the problem of language. Now I can listen and Understand together !!! Why ??? Because of your big work !!!
    Thanks So Much
    Best Regards


  3. Rinkz says:

    very very nice song… i loved it
    I convert into english so i can understand the felings of lover
    well don Baw We…………

  4. Gary says:

    excellent. have you any lyrics to Korn Mai Kup Ruar

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