Earn The Star – Goon Jae Young Yoo Tee Gao [The Key Is Still Located in Its Old Spot]

Artist: Earn the Star
Title: Goon Jae Young Yoo Tee Gao
English Title: The Key Is Still Located in Its Old Spot
Album: Kum Kau Jark Wa-tee Kon Took Ting
Year: 2010

Taam wah bpen yahng rai dtang dtae wan tee tur jark laa
So you ask how I’ve been ever since you said goodbye
Bauk dai kum diow wah ngao jon ja kaat jai dtaai
All I can say is that loneliness is killing me
Haung nee meuan derm took yahng
This room is exactly the same as before
Dtaang pieng kae tur haai pai
The only thing different is that you’re missing
Dtua plaa, pha man, kom fai
The fish tank, curtains, and lamps
Kaat kon chuay sai jai meuan koey
Lack the aid of someone’s care like before

Gaw neuk teung parb gao gao; wan waan tee man paan loey
As I think of old memories; all the days that have passed
Yahk hai tur glap mah meuan koey
I wish you’d come back like before
Mah yoo dtrong nee glai glai
Come stay close to me
Arai tee rao koey plang
Whatever my mistakes were
Yahk laung nang prab kwarm kao jai
I’d like to try and make you understand
Kong yoo kon diow mai wai
I won’t make it alone
Meua hah eek kreung kaung jai mai jur
When I can’t find the other half of my heart

*Hahk mee chun nai jai,
If I’m still in your heart,
Goon jae young yoo tee gao
The key is still located in its old spot
Haung nee young bpen kaung rao
This room still belongs to us
Hua jai chun young bpen kaung tur
My heart still belongs to you
Kwarm ruk gap kwarm kid teung wahng wai dtrong tee derm samur
My love and regard will always be placed in its original location
Hahk young ruk gan, pai hah gaw jur
If you still love me, go look and you’ll find it
Tur gaw roo wah yoo dtrong nai
You should know where it is

Yoo duay jai fao fan
I live with a dream as my conviction
Sak wan tur kong glap mah
Perhaps you’ll come back someday
Kid teung gaw mee naam dtah
I get teary at the thought of you
Glua wah tur ja mee krai
I fear you have someone else
Maun bai derm gaw naun mai lap
I can’t fall asleep even on the same pillow
Mai koon gap kwarm diow daai
I’m not used to being alone
Glap jark ngaan teung haung tee rai
Whenever I return to this room after work
Hua jai gaw ngao dtaam koey
My heart automatically feels lonesome

Repeat *

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