Kaew Leum Kon

Title: Kaew Leum Kon
English Title: Kaew Forgets Her Birthplace
Air Date: 2005
# of Episodes: 12
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Aom Phiyada Akarasenee as Kaew/Chit Chanok
Captain Puthanate Hongmanop as Meuang Man

Beau Sunita – Khun Ja Roo Bang Mai

Brief Summary
Kaew Leum Kom is a drama about twin sisters (played by Aom) who are separated at birth. Only a few people are aware of their existence; their mother who goes batty soon after giving birth, their uncle, Narinton, who is after their wealth, which is ultimately their inheritance, and one of the twin’s foster mother, Wantha. Since neither of these people are in any condition, be it voluntary or involuntary, to bring forth this information, the twins grow up apart and live completely different lives. Kaew is raised by Wantha and although  she saved Kaew from death, she treats her like a slave and constantly abuses her right as her savior. Kaew meets Meuang Man (Captain) who provides her small glimpses of happiness amidst her arduous and bleak life. Meanwhile, Chit Chanok grows up in France with their father, Wooraman, and lives a humble, yet, privileged life. Wooraman lies to Chit Chanok about her mother’s existence because he surmises that she’d be better off thinking her mother is dead rather than knowing that she’s alive but mental. However, one day Chit Chanok finds out the truth and returns to Thailand, determined to find her mother. This is no easy feat since Narinton is bent on getting rid of any heirs to Koom Wiang Fah, the estate in Thailand. What does fate have in stored for Kaew and Chit Chanok? Will they get to live together as a complete family? Will Kaew be able to free herself of the mentality that she’s undeserving of love?

KLK 1.1

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10 Responses to Kaew Leum Kon

  1. lucy says:

    very like this drama, pls continue, thanks very much!

  2. jasmin says:

    hi dear, are you gonna continue this soon
    thank you so much for your hard work

  3. bvue2011 says:

    do i have to download these videos in able to watch it?

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  5. Lucy says:

    Are you going to repost this? I remember watching this when I was small!

  6. besz2 says:

    i really like movie. thank, but link dead. please upload use jumbofile, 2shared, peeje, filehost, more secure than mediafire. right now i give up on mediafire.

  7. Aiman Hannani says:

    Where can i get this cd or dvd .?…really like this thai dramas

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