Bodyslam Saeng Soot Taai World Tour 2012

These boys are going on tour and not just any tour; a world tour! This will be their last tour for the Kraam album. Although I love that album to pieces, I am ready for them to get back into the studio (or wherever they do what they do) and produce some more goodies for us. Tour dates are very limited and approaching fast. They kick off the tour in London on March 11, which is in less than a week.

Bodyslam Last Light World Tour 2012 schedule:
11 March 2012, London, UK
HMV Forum
9-17 Highgate Road,
Kentish Town, London
Doors open @ 7:00 pm
Tickets: £40.00

16 March 2012, Melbourne, Australia
Billboard The Venue

18 March 2012, Sydney, Australia (18+)
Metro Theatre
624 George St.
Doors open @ 10:30 pm
Show starts @ Midnight
Tickets: $88 General Seating / $99 VIP Seating (Call only 0451 659 561)

21 March 2012, Los Angeles, USA (21+)
Vanguard Nightclub
6021 Hollywood Blvd.
Los Angeles, CA  90028
Doors open @ 8:00 pm
Show starts @ 11:00 pm
Tickets: $85.00

25 March 2012, New York, USA (16+)
Irving Plaza
17 Irving Place
New York, NY  10003
Doors open @ 11:30 pm
Show starts @ 12:30 am
Tickets: $80, $90, $100

07 April 2012, Laos
National Stadium Km16

April – June 2012, Thailand

So there you have it. Are they hitting your city and are you going?

Via Bodyslam’s Official Site

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5 Responses to Bodyslam Saeng Soot Taai World Tour 2012

  1. Krit says:

    For NYC concert All Age.

  2. sakurasaurus says:

    I worked the London gig ^^ Kentish Town became Thai Town for the night, which was pretty awesome, everyone seemed to really enjoy themselves ^__^

    …It was probably the most polite gig I’ve ever worked. Bodyslam fans are awesome. Just saying XD

  3. aymieluvsyu637 says:

    I went to go see them in LA.. they were awesome!! too bad i couldn’t take pics with Toon 😦

  4. Droi says:

    Gosh I flew into BKK and went to the FLIP concert, it was really great!! 😀

  5. Aki says:

    Does this blog still working?

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