Are you Thai?
– Yes, but I’m a mixed breed of about four different things.

How old are you?
– Why does this question pop up so much? Lol. Let’s just say I’m in my late 20s. Eep! That is no longer the case, as I’ve recently ventured into the other bracket.

Where/How did you learn to translate?
– Practice! I’m a little embarrassed to display some of my older work, but if anything, it shows my progression as a subber.

How did you learn to sub?
– Again, practice! You can find various programs/tutorials over the internet.

Can you teach me how to sub?
– Simply put, no. Refer to previous question.

Do you mind if I upload your translations/subbed videos to my site/channel?
Not at all. You’d actually be doing me a favor. All I ask is that you follow subbing etiquette rules and give me proper credit for my translations/subs.

I wanna help. How can I help?
– Well, how nice of you to offer. You can email me song translations translated by none other than you. Please don’t send me something you found over the internet and take credit for it. It’s not nice. However, by sending me your translations you acknowledge that I may take full liberty in dissecting/editing it. I will give you credit, of course.

You’ve removed the Song Request page but I really want to know what this song means, can I still send you a request?
– Yes, but it’s gotta be through email, only. If you really want it, you’d take that extra step and do this. If you’re intimidated or feel “greng jai,” don’t. I only prefer email because it makes life so much easier. Hey, the less time it takes me to organize these things, the more time I’d have to work on your requests.

I requested so-and-so song awhile back, why isn’t it up yet?
– Hey, hey, I never promised to sub every request, but it’s okay to give me a little nudge. I may have forgotten about it or never got around to it. If I haven’t responded to your initial request, I’ll definitely let you know if I’ll sub it or not by your 2nd (or 3rd) reminder.

Do you take movie/lakorn requests?
– No.

Are you still working on your unfinished lakorns?
– Yes. I don’t plan on dropping any lakorn projects and if/when I do, I would post an official announcement.

Then what’s your next lakorn project and when is it going to be posted?
– I’m always in the prospects of looking for one and trying to narrow down a few at the moment. You’ll see it when it’s up. I don’t like to make premature announcements because nothing is definite until I post the first episode. (That’s my officially way of binding myself to the project.)

Are you ever going to reupload your old videos?
– To be honest, I’m not sure. I’ve debated on this for awhile now, but can’t get passed the notion that my new channel will be removed again. (It really is only a matter of time.) So now my question is, would it be worth it, especially since the videos are also available for download here?

I can’t download from the sites you’ve uploaded to, could you upload it to another site?
– Music videos, maybe. Lakorns, no. Uploading takes a really long time and I’d rather spend it doing something else.

Please refrain from posting song requests here, but I’ll update this section periodically so if you have any questions that haven’t been answered, feel free to post them here. Thanks!


8 Responses to FAQ

  1. yi cheng says:

    Hihi..i need a favour from you..are you able to help me find Potato~ mai hai tur pai and Glah Paw Mai -POTATO eng sub video or the english lyrics..i wanna learn and sing for my gf next thursday on the stage where she is working…

    i try the net alot of times but can;t find..

  2. Joseph Lau says:

    Hi… could you tell me what is this song title in Thai (English Romanization)?
    ขอโทษในสิ่งที่เธอไม่รู้ performed by Sweet Mullet.
    Thanks so much.

    • SAM says:

      ขอโทษในสิ่งที่เธอไม่รู้ means “sorry for the things you didnt know (/werent aware of)” something like that… idk why i was laughtin while listening to the song mabey cause i was watching family guy but anyways, the song is about the guy having an affair or probably cheated and felt guilty about it and is asking for forgiveness. I dont know if anothaidara translated it yet or if its in ethaimusic.com but i can translate if for u if u want. I can help take some of the load off anothaidara. xTaeJunx@hotmail.com

  3. Manfred says:

    can i have your email so i can send you the video to sub..
    or can you just sub this for me please and thanks

    รักโง่ๆ – Radio Garden

  4. Mike says:

    Hi anothaidara…
    first of thanks for all the subbing you have been doing for all the Thai music videos…. I can’t speak/read thai but I do like the music.. been following you on Youtube until…not sure what happen.

    I was wondering if you can get me an english translation of this older song:

    Sweet Mullet – หลับข้ามวัน

    I cannot find an English translation for this.

    thank you very much in Advance

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