Kangkeng – San-yaan (Daan) Mai Dee [Bad Reception (Character)]

Artist: Kangkeng
Title: San-yaan (Daan) Mai Dee
English Title: Bad Reception (Character)
Album: Kangkeng Tua Tee 4
Year: 2010

Tah bpen yahng nee, rao song kon yaek tahng sa dee gwah
If this is how it’s going to be, it’s better we go our separate ways
Kae hai dtop neung kam tee chun taam tur,
I just wanted a simple answer to my question,
Tur yang dtop mai dai
But you can’t even answer it
Reuang jing gor kae bauk wah chai
If it’s true, then just say yes
Tah mai jing gor kae dtop wah mai
If not, then just answer no
Kae kam dtop neung kam tur yang lang-lay
Yet, you’re wavering over a one-word answer
Tah bpen yahng nee ja hai chun cheua dai ngai
If you act like this, how do you expect me to believe
Wah tur gap kao mai mee arai gan
That there’s nothing between you and him?
Laaw kao dai bur tur mah yahng rai
So how did he get your number
Tah tur mai bpen kon hai pai
If you weren’t the one who gave it to him?
Tur hen chun ngoh nak reu ngai
Do you take me for such a fool
Tee kao toh mah dton tur yoo gap chun
Cause he called while you were with me
Laaw tummai mai rap sai
So why didn’t you take the call?

*Tur bauk wah san-yaan mai dee
You blamed it on bad reception
Chun wah man san-daan mahk gwah mai
I’d blame it more on your character
Mae tum long pai dai…mai ai kon
Damn! You’re able to do it…without shame

**Aep long wah tur bpen nang fah
Was misled to believe you were an angel
Tee tae, tur gor keu nang rai
When in fact, you are a demoness
Tum hai chun cheuang lae dtai jai
Had me completely convinced
Wah ai tur nan gert mah peua chun
That you were made for me
Laaw man gor bpen kae kwarm fan
But it turned out to be just my imagination

Gor tur man lai jai lai bur
You’re a two-timer with multiple numbers
Bpen krai man kong ja ton mai dai
No one would be able to tolerate it
Gor ai tur man jao choo ja dtai
You’re such a promiscuous woman
Tur bpen yahng nan, gor ao yahng nee laaw gan
Since you’re like that, then let’s do this

***Lerk gan dee wah
We might as well break up
Dtang kon dtang pai hah kon mai
We’ll both go find someone new
Tee paan mah teu wah tum boon tum taan
I’ll consider the past as a charitable donation
Chun ruk tur, tur mong mai hen kah
I loved you, but you took me for granted
Sak wan tur ja dtong sia jai rong hai
One day you’ll be sorry and cry
Laaw yah mah sia dai
Then don’t you regret it
Yah mah sia jai gor laaw gan
Don’t feel bad about it

Repeat *** / ** / *

Lerk gan dee wah
We might as well break up
Tee paan mah teu wah tum boon tum taan
I’ll consider the past as a charitable donation

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11 Responses to Kangkeng – San-yaan (Daan) Mai Dee [Bad Reception (Character)]

  1. mohd faris says:

    best nya lagu nieeeee

  2. deqmat46 says:

    lagu ni mmg terbaik arh

  3. X Thu La says:

    like this song…. hahaha

  4. Nasha Que says:

    love this song>>

  5. pexx says:

    lagu nie…femes gler kat disco thai…haha

  6. Lee Benny says:

    Lagu nie…..one of the best Thai songs……rak thii sut

  7. Winifred says:

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  8. chopkey says:

    Susah nk hafal lagu nie

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