Klear – Dae Tur Tee Ruk [For You, My Love]

Artist: Klear
Title: Dae Tur Tee Ruk
English Title: For You, My Love
Album: Brighter Day
Year: 2010

*Lurah piang kwarm ruk tee mai mee tur laaw
All that’s left is love without you here anymore
Kid teung tur mark mai tow rai, gaw mai mee wun dai pob jur
No matter how much I miss you, I’ll never get to see you again
Glub mee lurah piang tua chun
Instead, I’m only left beside myself
Gub jai tee mun tab sa-laai
With a heart that’s on the verge of shattering
(Chai cheewit took wun tee mee pur kid teung tur ta-laud pai)
(I’ll spend each day of my life thinking of you forevermore)

Tur ton took jai tau-ra-man lae taung ahng wahng
You endured suffering in pain and isolation
Puad raao mark tow rai chun mai koey roo lerei
I had no idea how much your heart ached
Tur saun num tah wai karng nai, mai hai krai hen
You hid your tears inside, so that no one would see them
Tur kem kaeng yahng nun
You were strong in that way
Tung mot pur chun
All of it was for me
Chun purng dai rub roo kwarm jing tee pen
I just learned the truth that’s always been
Tee tur aep gep wai
In which you hid away
Chun purng roo mur wun tee tur jark pai, mun sai pai
I only realized it when you were gone, it was too late

Repeat *

Chun mai koey leum sum-pat nun tee tur gaud chun
I’ll never forget your touch when you embraced me
Lae pood wah ruk gun tow cheewit kaung tur
And told me that you loved me as much as your life
Chun jum dai dee kum soot tai tee chun dai yin,
I can still recall the last words that I heard from you,
Keu ‘proong nee jur gun’
‘I’ll see you tomorrow’
‘Row ja jur gun’
‘We’ll see each other then’
Chun purng roo wah mun keu kum rum lah tee tur hai gub chun
I just realized that those were words of goodbye that you bid to me
Lae proong nee tee tur sunya tau gun, mun mai mee
And your promise for me tomorrow, is no more

Repeat *

Piang taung garn, yahk urie kum lah gub tur suk wi-nah-tee
All I want, my only wish is to have one second to say goodbye to you
Paw hai chun dai maung waow tah soot tai kaung tur kon dee
Just so I can look into your eyes one last time, my dearest
Yaum tung nun kae piang hai chun dai gaud tur ow wai trong nee
I’m willing to do anything just to hold you right here
Ja yam teuan gub tur wah ruk tur jon nah-tee soot tai
I’d repeat to you that I’ll love you until the very last minute

Sieng hua jai rum raung tow rai,
No matter how much my heart cries out for you,
Tur gaw mai mee wun huan keun
You’re never coming back
Mee piang chun tee baub chum
There’s only a wounded me
Gub jai tee mun tab sa-laai
With a heart that’s on the verge of shattering
Chai cheewit took wun tee mee pur ruk kae tur ta-laud pai
I’ll spend each day of my life loving only you forevermore
Dae tur tee ruk
For you, my love

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2 Responses to Klear – Dae Tur Tee Ruk [For You, My Love]

  1. yaso says:

    Anothai you honestly bring the best in contemporary Thai music to your subscribes! I love the lyrics to this song…it will be on repeat for me for a while! Thanks!

  2. Siri says:

    I just wanted to thank you for translating this beautiful song. My great grandmother passed away last weekend and I put together a photo slideshow to commemorate her life. I used this song and your subs as part of it. No one here had ever heard this song before and there wasn’t a dry eye in the house. Thanks again and keep up the great work.

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