August Band (Feat. Ploy) – Fun, Waan, Ai, Joop [Dream, Sweet, Shy, Kiss]

Artists: August Band Feat. Ploy
Title: Fun, Waan, Ai, Joop
English Title: Dream, Sweet, Shy, Kiss
Album: Radiodrome / 4 Romances OST
Year: 2008

Chun fan teung tur, kon tee yoo glai saen glai
I dream of you, who’s so far away
Chaang waan la-moon, ohp oon karng nai hua jai
Truly sweet and tender, warming my heart
Dtae ai mai glah mae ja bauk gap krai
But I’m too shy, not brave enough to tell anyone
Jeung joop paan sai lohm hai pat-pah pai
So I kiss the passing wind to carry it away
Pror fan lae jing yang mai koey pohp gan
Because my dream and my reality have never met
Pror waan gern pai,
Because it’s so sweet,
Mai wah krai gor dtong jai san
No matter who you are, you’d tremble too
Pror ai leua gern gwah tee ja poot kam nan
Because I’m far too shy to speak those words
Pror joop kong tur yang mai chai joop kong chun
Because your kiss still isn’t my kiss

*Kwarm ruk krang nee ja bpen yahng rai
How will love turn out this time?
Chun kuan dtong tum jai reu plao
Should I have to prepare myself?
(Ja bpen dai kae pieng fan)
(It could only happen in dreams)
Kwarm ruk krang nee ja bpen yahng rai
How will love turn out this time?
Sook-som dai dung jai reu bpen fan chua kraao
Will my heart be filled with content or is this a temporary dream?
(Yoo tee tur roo mai)
(Do you know it’s up to you?)
Cheewit kong chun meua pohp gap tur nan ja plien plaeng reu bpen meuan gao
When I meet you will my life change or stay the same?
(Bpen kae fan pai)
(I’m only dreaming)
Keu kam taam tee chun fahk wai
The questions that I’ve entrusted
Chun won hai saai lohm pat loi paan pai…teung tur
I beg the drifting wind to pass it on…to you

Tah fan lae jing ja bang-urn jur gan sak wan
If my dream and my reality happen to meet one day
Tah waan karng nai jai tang song dai prom prom gan
If the sweetness inside both our hearts are ready at the same time
Tah ai ja haai pai jark pra-yohk lao nan
If our shyness were to be removed from those sentences
Lae tah joop kong tur ja glai bpen joop kong chun
And if your kiss becomes my kiss

Repeat *

(Faak took kau kwarm song pai teung tur)
(I entrust that every message reaches you)
Roo-seuk arai bahng mai tur
Do you feel anything?
Sing tee mai aht ja bpert nai yaam tee pohp tur
The things we can’t reveal when we meet
Yoo karng karng tur
I’m right next to you
(Aht mee sak wan tur ja dai rap man)
(There might be a day when you’ll receive them)
Tur dai yin sieng arai nai jai chun mai
Do you hear the voice within my heart?
(Ja roo wah chun nan kit chen rai)
(Then you’ll know what I’m thinking)

Repeat *

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11 Responses to August Band (Feat. Ploy) – Fun, Waan, Ai, Joop [Dream, Sweet, Shy, Kiss]

  1. jullian says:

    i love this song
    even if this is the first time i hear this song.. .
    i’m inlove already with this song.. .
    i love it!!!!!!

    Hey jullian. This song is really sweet. I think Pchy and Ploy’s voices blend well together. – AD

    • DM. Phil says:

      Yes you are absolutely right. I also admire this song because of its melancholic rhythm that is just right and is blending with Pchy and Ploy’s calm voice. The meaning of the song is also a thing to put two thumbs with. Thai songs, in my own perspective, do really have good meanings like they formulate lyrics to the daily norms of life. Of course there are lots of songs but lyrics’ choices sometimes does not blend with the melody and is sometimes also shallow, pathetic and eerie its just cant fit with the audience’s taste :))

      • suichiro says:

        im so inlove with this song!! from now on i will keep in this band!!! thank you so much..more power to you jullian.. 😉

  2. loggou16 says:

    Thanks for subbing this mv, it’s great to understand the lyrics.

    Will you translate the movie as well?

  3. Some Crazy Farang says:

    Thanks for this post! I really love the song!

  4. H says:

    would u post the english lyrics?
    I so want to sing long even I don’t know Thai…!!

  5. Leo says:

    I really love this song…..very nice……..
    Thx For your link…..

  6. Jay says:

    can i have the romanized thai lyrics?

  7. alyssa says:

    can i have the english translation of this song

  8. DM. Phil says:

    totally loving this song 🙂

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