Endorphine – Dauk Rahtree [Flower of the Night]

Artist: Endorphine
Title: Dauk Rahtree*
English Title: Flower of the Night
Album: Prik
Year: 2004

*The title of the song refers to a Night Blooming Jasmine, which is aka Queen of the Night and Lady of the Night.

Deuk lap dub saeng aep fang nai fah rahtree
Masked in the darkness of the late night sky
Song glin ohp oon nai hua jai hai gurn kom dtah
Its aromatic scent sends my heart in turmoil as I force my eyes shut
Kao rao duang deuan lern loy gun long mah
The pale colored moon floats down
Jark bon napaa glai pen dauk mai rahtree
Leaving the sky to transform into the Flower of the Night
Glin huan chuan haum loy hai pai glai saen glai
Its sweet, alluring scent drifts farther and farther
Dung duang dauk mai jao song sai yai teung krai eek kon
Just like the flower princess sending an extension of love to yet another
Tee lap lah pai ting hai rahtree mon
The secret farewell has left the the Night in sorrow
Doot dung hua jai kaung kon tee ded jao mah
As though another’s heart is certain that the princess will show up

*Deuk deun keun nee
On this very late night
Gaw tur yoo hang hon nai
Where could you be?
Eek gee keun mai roo
I don’t know how many more nights
Tee young kong dtong fan fao raw pai yahng nee
I’ll have to dream and await you like this
Faak fah sawan gra-sip toi kum rum pun
I’ll entrust the heavens to whisper my confession in a thousand dances
Hai krai kon nan mai leum mai lern ruang rao kon nee
So that I won’t be forgotten or fade from his memory
Mae rahtree roi ruang lap lah chee-wee,
Though the the Night withers and dies in secret,
Dtae ruk tee mee mai koey ja lern rarng pai
Its love will never dim or wash away

Repeat *

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One Response to Endorphine – Dauk Rahtree [Flower of the Night]

  1. Alicia says:

    I like too much this song

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