Singular (Feat. Depapepe) – Some Other Day

Artist: Singular (Feat. Depapepe)
Title: Some Other Day
Album: The White Room Decoration
Year: 2011

Bpen kwarm bang-ern nai cheewit
Was it one of life’s coincidences
Reu chohk cha-dtah tee kit keet kian hai tur karng gaai
Or was it Fate that predetermine for you to be by my side?
Mai roo soot sen tahng meua rai reu ja bpen yahng ngai
I don’t know when our paths will end or how things will turn out
Kae pieng dtaun nee
All that matters is right now

Gep giow took yahng tee mee
I’ll cherish everything we have
Chai wan lae keun tee dee
I’ll make the most of our time spent together
Hai koom kah nai hua jai
So that it’d worthwhile in my heart
Meua wan chun lae tur dtong pai
When you and I have to leave
Pror mai roo meua rai glai reu glai gan
Because I don’t know when we’ll be together or apart

*Rao ja mee waylah tee saen dee nai wan tee ngiap ngao
We’ll have wonderful memories for days when we’re feeling lonely
Rao ja mee reuang raao hai fan dee nai bahng keun tee man aun wai
We’ll have sweet dreams of our stories on nights when we’re feeling vulnerable

**Peua wan prung nee, tah mai dai pohp gan
For tomorrow’s sake, if we don’t see each other
Gep sing lao nan kong wan tee koey soht sai,
Relish in those moments from happier days,
Toi kam lae tuang-tum-nong kong jai,
The words and melodies that stem from our feelings,
Mae mai koey maak mai tao rai gor dtaam
Though there was never really much, it doesn’t matter
Peua wan prung nee, tah mai dai pohp gan
For tomorrow’s sake, if we don’t see each other
Hai sing lao nan bpen dang boht pleng riang roi hua jai
Let those things shine through the lyrics composed by our hearts
Took wan tee dtong glai
So that for each day we have to be apart
Rao ja dai pohp gan mai, yahng tee jai dtong gaan
We’ll be able to see each other once more, just as our hearts desire

Repeat * / **

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10 Responses to Singular (Feat. Depapepe) – Some Other Day

  1. singularfan says:

    I’m glad to see it but I can’t watch it on YT.thanks for the download link and the you know,I’ve been waiting a long time,thank you very much jiub jiub ^^

  2. singularfan says:

    could you upload other songs by Singular with the lyrics like this?I can’t find the right lyrics of Bao Bao on ethaimusic 😦

  3. Taro says:

    Singular is amazing!! I love their voice and sound!!

  4. Taro says:

    I forgot to say thank you. Only this website has the translation of the lyrics!! Kop Khun Krup!!

  5. anonimus says:

    sin is a boy or girl??

  6. opha says:

    i love the sin’s voice…^^

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