Ten To Twelve – Kiang [Beside]

Artist: Ten To Twelve
Title: Kiang
English Title: Beside
Album: Ten To Twelve
Year: 2012


Ter mai roo rok
You have no idea at all
Reu wah ter mai yahk roo
Could it be that you’d rather not know?
Dai kae fao doo laaw gor per pai
I can only watch and then daydream
Piang kae nit diow
The tiniest distance
Meuan wah man chahng hahng glai
Feels like we’re so far apart
ระยะทางระหว่างเรานั้น เธอจะรู้ไหม
Ra-ya tahng ra-wahng rao nan ter ja roo mai
Do you feel the distance between us?

* เก็บเอาไว้ในใจไม่ยอมบอก
* Gep ao wai nai jai mai yom bauk
* I’ve kept it inside and refuse to tell you,
Mai hai ter dai roo rok
Won’t let you find out

** เพื่อนที่ยืนอยู่ข้างเธอคิดยังไง
** Peuan tee yeun yoo kahng ter kid yang ngai
** What your friend next to you is thinking
Sing lek lek nai kam tee ying yai
Profound words carry little meaning
Ror sak wan hai ter nan han pai
I will wait until the day you turn my way
Ja gra-sip piang bao bao bauk wah rak ter
I’ll just whisper softly to tell you that I love you

Glua ja mahk pai
I’m scared that it’ll be too much
Glua wah ter ja plian pai
I’m scared that you’ll change
ทำได้เพียงเป็นห่วงเธอ และมีเธอจากตรงนี้
Tam dai piang bpen huang ter lae mee ter jahk dtrong nee
I can only show my concern and be with you from here

Repeat (* / **) twice

รักที่ฉันนั้นมีอยู่ ไม่รู้ว่ามันเริ่มเมื่อไหร่
Rak tee chan nan mee yoo mai roo wah man rerm meua rai
I have no idea when this love that I have for you started
Repeat **

Bauk wah rak ter
Tell you that I love you

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